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Dustwon Finance - Terms and Conditions:

Service Overview:

Dustwon Finance, a distinguished financial intermediary, specializes in connecting customers with various esteemed banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) to facilitate the acquisition of loans.

To be eligible for loan services, customers must meet the predetermined criteria set by our partner banks and NBFCs, ensuring a seamless application process. Loan Products:

Dustwon Finance offers comprehensive information on an array of loan products, encompassing personal loans, home loans, business loans, and more, as provided by our esteemed network of financial institutions.

Customers are required to undergo a meticulous application process, providing accurate and comprehensive information essential for their loan applications.

While Dustwon Finance diligently facilitates the loan application process, it is important to note that the final approval of loans rests with the discretion of our esteemed lending partners.

Dustwon Finance may receive commissions from our partner banks and NBFCs for successful loan referrals, ensuring a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership.

By engaging with our services, customers explicitly consent to Dustwon Finance sharing their relevant details with our network of partner institutions to streamline the loan application process.

Dustwon Finance places the utmost emphasis on maintaining the confidentiality of customer information, adhering strictly to data protection laws and industry standards.

Dustwon Finance does not provide financial advice. Customers are encouraged to seek professional financial guidance to make informed decisions aligned with their unique financial situations.

Loan approval, terms, and disbursement are contingent upon the policies and procedures established by the respective banks and NBFCs collaborating with Dustwon Finance.

Customers are obligated to furnish accurate and valid documentation in accordance with the specific requirements outlined by the lending institution processing their loan application.

Customers bear the responsibility for ensuring the timely repayment of loans, adhering to the mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions set by the lending institution.

Once a loan application has been submitted, cancellation requests cannot be processed through Dustwon Finance. Customers are advised to communicate directly with the lending institution for such matters.

Customers may receive relevant communication from Dustwon Finance and its partnering financial institutions throughout the loan application process, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

Any disputes arising from our services or loan transactions shall be resolved in accordance with applicable laws, through a fair and impartial arbitration process.

Dustwon Finance retains the right to terminate services in the event of any breach of terms or unethical practices, safeguarding the integrity of our operations.

The terms and conditions outlined herein may undergo periodic updates. Customers will be duly notified of any such changes to maintain transparency and compliance.

Customers agree to indemnify Dustwon Finance against any losses or liabilities arising from their loan applications, fostering a collaborative and responsible financial ecosystem.

This agreement is subject to and governed by the laws of Pune, Maharashtra, ensuring a legal framework for all interactions and transactions facilitated by Dustwon Finance.

By availing our services, customers affirmatively acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined herein, solidifying their commitment to a collaborative and transparent financial journey.
For any queries or clarifications, customers may reach out to Dustwon Finance at [email protected]. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and ensuring a seamless loan application experience for our valued clientele.