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About Us

About Accreditation Management System Pvt Ltd. (AMS)

Accreditation Management System Pvt Ltd. (AMS) is a distinguished certification body established under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Act of 1956. We specialize in auditing and facilitating third-party accreditation, registration, attestation, and certification services across national and international standards for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Why Choose AMS?

Commitment to Excellence

" AMS is committed to upholding the highest standards of accreditation and certification, ensuring that businesses receive recognition for their dedication to quality and best practices.."

Client-Focused Approach

"We prioritize our clients' needs, offering a streamlined and fast-tracked process for certification and renewal that aligns with recognized national and international standards."

Expertise and Experience

"With a team of seasoned professionals, AMS possesses deep expertise in diverse sectors, allowing us to cater to the unique requirements of each client efficiently and effectively.."

Our Recognition

"AMS is recognized both nationally and internationally as a trusted partner for certification and accreditation services. We are affiliated with prominent industry bodies and adhere strictly to globally accepted standards, ensuring that our certifications are valued and respected across borders..."


"At AMS, we stand by our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and the promotion of robust business practices that benefit organizations and society at large. Whether you are seeking initial certification or renewal, we invite you to experience our reliable services and join us in shaping a future built on quality and credibility..."


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